The year is 1986 - Tony Hudson (PAUL McGANN) is a writer who embarks on a play about the Battle of the Somme (fought in 1916) in which his grandfather and two great-uncles were killed.Tony becomes ever more involved in the story, until it borders on the obsessive.


He begins to retreat into childhood memories, at the exclusion of his partner Cathy (SUSAN VIDLER) who is a painter. The relationship begins to unravel amid recriminations
until a crisis point is reached as the play is completed. The only thing that will justify the sacrifice is its performance before an audience. But there is no interest in it - even the fringe theatre group of which Tony was a member refuse to entertain it.




Tony's last hope comes when an invitation is received from Bea Daly (MARIAN McLAUGHLIN), artistic director of a provincial theatre to a read-through with her stock company of actors. Ironically the play's only performance will have an audience of one - Tony himself. However even this is in doubt as Bea's position is threatened by the new forces of commercialism represented by John Brady (GARY KEMP).

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